FDA approval for HF10

News has just reached us that Nevro's ground breaking 'Senza' HF10 spinal cord stimulator has been given full approval for us in the United States. This approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has come in part through the pioneering efforts made by Dr. Declan O'Keeffe and the work of this practice has been recognised by Nevro Corp.

"Dr. O’Keeffe, I shall always be grateful to you for showing me the light early on with regard to the power of HF10 to profoundly impact patient outcomes....

Ultimately, your pioneering efforts will be magnified now with improved pain relief for so many US patients in need.

For them, I give you thanks."

M. Demane CEO, Nevro.

This ringing endorsement proves once again the fact that the practice of Dr. Declan O'Keeffe continues to lead the world in bringing the latest and best pain technologies to patients.

Dr. Declan O'Keeffe with Konstantinos Alataris phd. Two pioneers of Neurstimulation celelbrating the US FDA's approval of Nevro's Senza HF10 SCS